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5 1.3.4 In Statistics, items of the z-axis are not sorted correctly. None Registered
4 1.3.4 After editing attributes in a situation in the video match dialog, focus shifts to the top item of the Situations list. Focus should stay at the edited situation. None Corrected in 1.4.0
3 1.3.4 When selecting fixed answers in statistics, a empty answer on the question is also counted. This should not be the case. None Corrected in 1.4.0
2 1.3.4 When moving an item up or down in a presentation, list selection shifts to the top item. The item moved should keep selection. None Corrected in 1.4.0
1 1.3.3 Under some unknown circumstances, an error report is generated immediately after trying to start Match, and the program terminates. This happens if a prior version of Match is not installed on the machine. Non known Fix released with version 1.3.4