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Solution Status
6 Matches/media with no teams It should be possible to register media without specifying any teams. Make it possible to register a Medium/Match with 2, 1 or no teams. Implemented in 1.4
5 Count of situations with unanswered questions in statistics A question with now answer counts as a question with any answer in statistics.   Make unanswered questions count as a special category. Implemented in 1.4
4 Presentation Order in Statistics Situations extracted using statistics is shown in decreasing time order. The order should be increasing  Revert the sort order as default and add the possibility to sort on any column. Implemented in 1.4
3 Selecting Players for Match When registering a match, all registered players of the teams are shown as actors. This is a problem if using many players in a number of matches as it might be the case for national teams. Add the possibility to select players for a specific match. It should also be possible to select the back numbers for the players in the particular match. Registered
2 Number Attribute on Player There is no way to specify the back number of a player. Add an number attribute to Player. Registered
1 Player Identification A player is identified from the name. This means that once registrations has have made concerning the player, the name of the player should not be changed. If it is changed, future registrations will be recorded as if it was a new player.

If the name is changed, all prior registrations should be updated automatically. It shall be checked that names are unique in a team.